Jeremiah "J Dynasty StyLz" is the founder of Dynasty StyLz. When J Dynasty started college in fall 2010 he at that time was jogging thru nicknames to call himself based on his fashion lifestyle. A rare yet unique nickname. He thought of Big StyLz, Kid Nike Fresh names like that. It wasn't until a month later in college when 2 of his friends named Bonface & J Cruz were rapping & Face said in his Rap line ''Greg Dynasty StyLz'' Greg used to be Jeremiah's name until he legally changed it. When Bonface said Greg Dynasty StyLz Jeremiah went with it. Funny thing tho I told my 2 friends I was thinking of Greg Dynasty or Greg StyLz, but I know Greg StyLz people already had names like that. Bonface put it together & I went with it. In 2012 I dropped Greg & put J Dynasty for a more professional fashion nickname & J because I'm good at making J's on the court.